<Experiences />

Senior Software Engineer
Vancouver, BC
2022 - Present

Analytics team member. Formerly team member of Amplitude SDK and Front-end Infra

Software Engineer 2
Vancouver, BC
2020 - 2022

Core member of MSN Homepage. Formerly team member of Microsoft PowerBI

Web Development Engineer
Vancouver, BC
2018 - 2020

Web Development + Product Deployment + System Operations

Software Developer
Vancouver, BC
2018 - 2018

70% Frontend developer + 30% Product designer. Influenced both development team and product design team and made strategic planning which dove deeply on customers' requirements and covered long-term thinking of business value.

Software Engineer
ACL Services Ltd.
Vancouver, BC
2015 - 2017

Front-end developer and having been working on multiple core products as well as developing a few simple side projects with team members, which were to introduce the most cutting-edge technologies as proof of concepts and spikes.

Software Engineer
Istuary Innovation Labs
Vancouver, BC
2014 - 2015

Key member on the Front-end team. Applied a plenty of cutting-edge tools, libraries and technologies on the core product to benefit development experience and improve product's maintainability.

Associate Software Engineer
Electronic Arts
Burnaby, BC
2013 - 2013

Worked on FIFA Online Services team (FIFA 14), and participated in the full cycle of a video game development.

Software Developer
Novex Software
New Minas, NS
2012 - 2012

Bridged serial communications protocols between a device (client) to a server, and implemented control data transmission by C and Java.

<Education />

Bachelor of Computer Science with Co-operative Program
Acadia University
Wolfville, NS
2009 - 2014
Twice attended ACM Programming contest
Teaching Assistant for Software Engineering 1
Teaching Assistant for Computer Programing 3

<Skills />

JavaScript & TypeScript
ReactJS & Redux

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